Troop 658 - Advancement - How it Works

The Scout progress through the following ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and finally Eagle.  Each rank has a set of requirements. You must complete every requirement to earn the rank. The first rank to be earned is Scout, and has very simple requirements: learn the Scout Oath, Law, motto, slogan, sign, salute, and be able to tie the square knot. Once you've accomplished this, you must participate in a Scoutmaster's Conference where you meet with the Scoutmaster and discuss your future in Scouting. (Don't worry, he won't bite.) After talking with him, you will be awarded the rank of Scout at the next Court of Honor.

Once you've gotten your Scout Rank, you're ready to tackle Tenderfoot (and beyond) on your Road to First Class.