Troop 658 - Youth Leadership Positions

In a scout-run troop, there’s a host of leadership opportunities available for scouts who have completed their First Class Rank. Here’s the essential jobs that keep our Pack running – click through for a more detailed Job Description covering job duties, leadership requirements, as well as advancement and participation requirements.

  • Assistant Patrol Leader – this position does not earn leadership credit. It is a training position only
  • Patrol Leader – The Scout responsible for leading a patrol. They plan meetings, lead their patrol on outings, teach skills and encourage participation and advancement.
  • Patrol Guide (for new scout patrols only)
  • Den Chief – The Den Chief assists the Den Leader of the den of Cub/Webelos scouts he is working with and promotes the spirit of scouting among the Cub Scouts in his pack.
  • Scribe ­– The Scribe tracks attendance at troop events, meetings and outings, and takes notes at all Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings.
  • Librarian - The Librarian’s job is to manage the troop’s MB pamphlets, maps, advancement guides and other literature. He maintains an inventory of all of these items, issues and receives publications back and reports to the SPL and the PLC on any shortages or problems.
  • Quartermaster – The Quartermaster’s job is to manage the troop’s gear. He maintains the equipment inventory, issues and receives gear back and reports to the SPL and the PLC on any shortages or problems.
  • Historian/MediaMaster – The Historian’s job is to document the activities which take place, take pictures, and produce at least two newsletters, either on paper or on the troop website, during his term. Unless the historian is also the Webmaster, he must work very closely with the Webmaster.
  • Webmaster – The Webmaster’s job to manage an update the Troop 658 website The Webmaster works closely with the historian/media-master to publish stories and pictures of activities taking place within the Troop.
  • Chaplain’s Aide – The Chaplain’s Aide assists the Troop Chaplain with religious events within the Troop. He also works to promote the religious emblem program.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
  • Venture Crew Chief
  • Senior Patrol Leader – The Scout who runs the whole show! Working with the SM, the SPL plans weekly meetings, hosts monthly PLC meetings, assigns scout roles and leadership credit, leads outings and events, and generally keeps the Troop moving & growing.
  • Instructor – A scout who has shown not only the ability to excel at a particular scout skill, but also demonstrates the ability to plan, organize and teach that skill to fellow scouts.

Want all these positions in one document? Download the Position Descriptions. If you’re a scout First Class or above, and interested in any of these positions, please contact the SPL. Please note that leadership credit is granted on a monthly basis depending on how a youth leader performs in his job. Once credit is earned, it is never taken away. For more about how leadership credit is earned, go HERE.

Any scout in a leadership position who violates the "TROOP 658 GENERAL POLICY FOR CONDUCT" may be removed from his leadership position depending on the severity of the violation. The "TROOP 658 GENERAL POLICY FOR CONDUCT" shall be part of this position description by reference.

Patrol Planning Tools – A well-planned meeting is a smooth meeting. Help your patrol gain the skills they need to advance by maximizing their time to the best advantage. These tools should help.


Training Opportunities – As with Adult Leaders, all scouts should be trained for their positions to better serve the scouts they’re responsible for. BSA offers a host of training opportunities for youth leaders. If interested, contact your SPL to find out more into.


  • Advancement Training Days
  • University of Scouting
  • Troop Junior Leader Training
  • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT/Brownsea 22)