Campouts & Outings

Experiencing the great outdoors is one of the fundamental components of Scouting. There's a lot to be said for great vistas, challenging summits, and rugged wilderness, but there's also times when a Scout just wants to go climb a rock and get a little dirty! Troop 658 strives to provide ample opportunities for all these options - some are one -off experiences, some are places we like to return to occasionally. Whatever your interest, it's important to get out there and challenge yourself.

So who's ready to go camping? But before we do, it helps to know (a) where we're going, and (b) what to pack …

  • Trip Planning Checklist : This step-by-step guide shows the scout planning the event how to do just that: what's all involved in planning their trip, who they should be contacting, what info they need to find out, and most importantly, WHEN all the steps need to be done to have their trip launch as scheduled.
  • Weekend Backpack Packing Checklist : This covers pretty much everything you'll need to bring on one of our overnight outings - plus some additional options. Please note that your 10 Essentials should be taken on all trips!  For non-backpacking trips, it's preferred to bring a dufflebag instead of a backpack for ease of packing.