Outdoor Skills

There’s A LOT of skills that go into making (and being) a Boy Scout. Here’s just a sampling of the main ones scouts learn over their journey.

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10 Essentials
They’re called “essentials” for a reason. Every packing list starts with these 10 items designed to keep you safe on the trail. A good way to remember them all is with our acronym “FFFRESTACK” or “Triple F Restack.”

Orientering/Map & Compass
It’s easy to forget all you need to know about maps and compasses. This page tells all. Princeton U.'s Outdoor Action Program has a great 3-part Review that will get you back up to speed.

Knots & Lashings
They’re the backbone of scouting. From the Basic 6 to more advanced, you’ll need them for every step of your scouting journey.

How to pack for a trip
Got questions on how to pack your pack? No worries, we’ve got answers! When it comes to experiencing the outdoors, nothing beats backpacking. But carrying around all that gear on a trail isn’t easy. Here’s a bunch of lists and videos to help you out…

How to prevent and treat blisters
There’s nothing better than hiking or backpacking in the great outdoors, but a blister can quickly ruin your day. Here are tips for how to avoid getting blisters and how to treat them.

Also, here’s a quick guide to Outdoor Footwear Basics.

Choosing the most effective bug spray
Mosquitoes and other bugs can spread disease and drive you crazy in the wilderness. Have no fear; bug sprays are here. But before you buy something to spray on your skin, consider the pluses and minuses.

How to choose a campsite
Six keys to choosing a good campsite.

How to set up a tent
Before leaving for your trip, be sure you’re comfortable setting up — and taking down — your tent. That means reading the instruction booklet and getting plenty of practice. Here are a few tips for when you’re ready to pitch your tent.

How to avoid heat exhaustion
One of the most important health and safety lessons a scout can learn.

Things to keep in mind when building a campfire
Campfire building is an important camping skill. However, overuse of campfires and an increasing demand for firewood has degraded the natural appearance of many areas. When building a fire, remember to leave no trace.

How to care for hiking boots
Keep care of your boots, and they’ll take care of your feet! Woe be to the ignorant, for blisters shall call their feet home!

How to treat & purify water
Here are three ways to treat water so it’s safe to drink.

Water Safety
Here are a couple acronyms to help you keep you safe in (and on) the water.